Patsy Ann III, 2001-2006

Golden Retriever   “The bestest dog on the planet”

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Patsy Ann was a female golden retriever. PA was a fearful, sickly gamma female, but was also a sweet and funny dog.

[Dog] Patsy Ann pictures (2004-2006)

Patsy Ann pictures, 2004-2006 Patsy Ann pillow napping, 2004 PA playing with Anna & Tracy, 2004 PA sitting in our wildflower garden, 2004 Dan moving a sleeping PA, 2004 PA, Xmas 2004 Poolside PA, 2004 PA at neighbor Brad & Scott’s pool, 2004 Elsa & PA butt-to-butt, 2004 Patsy Ann, 2005 PA & Travis at Teresa’s, 2004 Torrey, PA, & Travis at Teresa’s, 2004 Dan and PA, Japacha Peak, 5825', New Years 2005 PA & Helen modeling monster laptop case, 2005 PA greeting a neighbor, Rose, Halloween 2005 PA, Xmas 2004 PA sunning herself, 2005 PA, Torrey, & Dan on the PCT in the Laguna Mountains, 2005 Lap dog wannabe PA and Dan, 2005 Lap dog wannabe PA and Dan, 2005 Dan & PA at Del Mar Dog Beach Happy PA sunning in front flower garden, 2006 (my favorite) PA sleeping in 'flea' or 'crab' position, 2006

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[Dog] Patsy Ann Puppy pictures (2001-2002)

Patsy Ann investigating a flower pot (10/2001)
Patsy Ann investigating a flower pot (10/2001)
Patsy Ann investigating a flower pot (12/2001)
Patsy Ann investigating a flower pot (12/2001)
Note: I think she liked the smell in there. She stuck her nose into pots while a puppy.

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Taken 24 August 2001 (3 weeks)
at Jamul, California
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[Patsy Ann, 24 August 2001]
[Patsy Ann, 14 Sept. 2001]
Taken 14 September 2001 (6 weeks) at our home, San Diego, California.
This is the day we brought her home to our house
(click on picture to enlarge).
Patsy Ann Patsy Ann Helen and Patsy Ann

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Patsy Ann dog license and tag
Dog license

[Dog] Namesake

Patsy Ann was named after Patsy Ann of Juneau, who we recently found out about on our recent trip to Alaska. Patsy Ann (1929-1942) was a bull terrier who greated all the arriving steamships in the 1930’s. Patsy Ann was stone deaf (from birth), but she somehow "heard" the whistles of approaching ships—long before they came into sight—and headed at a fast trot for the wharf. She was never wrong. Because of her service Patsy Ann was dubbed "Official Greeter of Juneau, Alaska" in 1934 and was exempted from dog licensing fees. A bronze statue memorializing her stands on the cruiseship docks, just northwest of the library.

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